Plugless Charging Upgrade for Tesla Model S

Your Tesla charges itself with hands-free wireless charging.

  • 7.2kW | Get 20-25 miles of range per hour parked
  • Seamless integration with your Model S
Product Details...

Product Details

How Plugless Technology Works

  • Plugless uses inductive charging technology to eliminate the need to plug in your Tesla.
  • Using two aligned magnetic coils, power is sent to your EV over an air gap between your vehicle and the included Wireless Charging Station.

The Tesla you don’t have to plug in

  • Plugless transforms your Model S into your personal charging valet.
  • Charging is just simply parking.
  • Your Model S is ready to go when you are.

Engineered for seamless

  • The vehicle upgrade hardware is integrated using existing Tesla connectors.
  • Plugless-enabled Teslas charge fine with cords, too — if you’re still into that sort of thing.
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Tech Specs

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“Love It”

You will love your unleashed EV.
Or you can ship Plugless back for free for a full refund.

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Extras & Accessories

PLUGLESS Pedestal Mount

For use in situations where you can't or do not want to mount your Control Panel on a wall (e.g. outdoors)