2nd Generation Plugless 7.2kW Advanced Universal Demonstration/Benchtop System

12999 USD

Everything you need to demonstrate and review the most advanced Plugless wireless charging.

  • Complete functioning 7.2kW benchtop wireless charging system for research
  • Includes vehicle simulator — no vehicle required
  • Demonstration-ready — includes up to 2 hours technical setup telephone support
Product Details...

Product Details


  • Plugless 2nd Generation system architecture
  • Same Plugless technology successfully used in 1 Million+ hours of end-consumer use across North America
  • Demonstrate, test, and evaluate proven Plugless performance now!


What’s Included

  • Fully-functional benchtop demonstration 7.2kW Plugless System
  • Vehicle simulator to allow for full operation (replicating required vehicle functions for successful operation and study)
  • Built-in magnetic interference shielding
  • 2 hours of technical phone support (restricted to questions related to successful set up and operation of demonstration system)
  • High voltage connector output for system connection
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • No lab equipment, load, or instruments included in purchase

Usage Terms and Conditions

  • Not an automotive OEM demonstration system. OEM inquiries, contact advisor@plugless.com
  • All sales reviewed prior to shipment. Evatran, makers of Plugless, reserves the right to cancel sale for full refund for any reason at any time prior to shipment
  • Laboratory benchtop research use only
  • All other usage prohibited without prior written agreement
  • Not for use on non-supported EVs or EVs outside of the USA and Canada
  • Contact advisor@plugless.com with details if you are interested in a vehicle integration program

Shipping Info

  • Shipping, customs, duties charges will be calculated and forwarded for payment prior to shipment based on shipping instructions

Tech Specs

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