Plugless Premium Wireless Charger for 2nd Gen Chevy Volt

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  • 3.6kW of Premium Hands-free Wireless Charging
  • Universal compatibility across supported vehicles
  • Includes seamless vehicle upgrade to unlock wireless charging capability
Product Details...

Product Details

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Accelerating EV Adoption

Plugless for the 2nd generation Chevy Volt is being reengineered on our 2nd generation Plugless platform.  This means higher power and features for long-range battery vehicles packaged for a premium hands-free charger designed specifically for Plug-in Hybrids.

Next Generation Plugless Features

3.6kW of wireless power gets your Volt charged fast

Universal Plugless charging compatibility across supported vehicle models

One-touch vehicle pairing for easy setup

1” ultra-thin vehicle receiving coil for more flexible vehicle integration

Vehicle-forward Adapter location for even easier alignment

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Extras & Accessories

Plugless Concrete Shield

This shield blocks potential interference from concrete that is reinforced with rebar

PLUGLESS Pedestal Mount

For use in situations where you can't or do not want to mount your Control Panel on a wall (e.g. outdoors)