Complete Wireless Charging System for Gen 1 Chevrolet Volt

Everything you need for effortless, fast wireless charging for your Chevy Volt.

  • Includes labor and hardware for wireless charging upgrade
  • Includes complete Plugless home charging station
  • Charging Station is easy to install on existing 30Amp circuit
Product Details...

Product Details

Proven technology helps you get more from your 1st Generation Volt

Plugless has provided 1 Million+ charging hours to everyday EV owners across the USA and Canada. Make life with your Volt even more convenient and reliable — and your charging system as smart as your EV.

Commitment to Satisfaction

  • 3-year warranty on all Plugless Chevrolet Volt Charging Stations
  • 45-day Any-Reason Returns, including return shipping. We know you’ll love Plugless, so we’re happy to take the risk


More Miles Without Gas

  • No plugging in, no forgetting
  • Automatic, efficient wireless charging every time you park
  • Charges Volt EV battery from empty in 3-4 hours
  • Fast 3.3kW Level 2 wireless electric vehicle charging system


Intuitive to Use

  • Intuitive parking guidance makes charging as easy as parking your car
  • Doesn’t change anything about your ability to plug in
  • Works without changing Volt systems or software — you’ll forget it’s there


Easy to Install

  • Requires dedicated 30Amp circuit 
  • Comes with NEMA 6-30P plug (indoor use only), or you can choose to hardwire into your circuit (required for outdoor use) (learn more about electrical requirements)
  • Includes vehicle upgrade parts and labor to enable wireless charging capability on your Volt


Built to Last

  • Rugged all-weather materials 
  • Materials rated for 8+ year indoor or outdoor use
  • Performs well across wide temperature range: 0° to 122°F (–18° to 50°C)


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Extras & Accessories

Plugless Concrete Shield

This shield blocks potential interference from concrete that is reinforced with rebar

PLUGLESS Pedestal Mount

For use in situations where you can't or do not want to mount your Control Panel on a wall (e.g. outdoors)