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  • How does Plugless L2 Work?

    Inductive power transfer uses magnetic fields to transfer energy from a transmitting coil in the Parking Pad to a receiving coil in the Vehicle Adapter, which converts this energy into electrical current to charge your EV. Once the system is installed and paired to your vehicle, you simply pull into your garage or parking space and the system automatically begins recharging your EV.

  • Can the Plugless L2 be installed outdoors?

    Yes. Plugless is designed for outdoor and indoor use in both residential and commercial locations. Plugless is all-weather safe and can withstand rain, sleet, snow or mud. In fact, Plugless has been in active daily use in all weather conditions… from snowy, Northern Canada to the heat of Southern California for years with no problems. Plugless is not rated to use an exterior outlet but can be easily hardwired by an electrician to your home electrical for outdoor use.

  • What’s the efficiency of the Plugless system?

    Plugless is ~12% less efficient than corded L2 30amp 240V charging systems and ~7% less efficient than corded Level 1 charging systems.

  • Who will handle installation?

    Installation is simple.

    For the charging station, use your own trusted local electrician, or if you’re an experienced electrician you can install Plugless yourself. Just like any Level 2 corded charging system, installation pricing depends on the current electrical configuration where you install. More details can be found in the online electrical guide.

    The vehicle upgrade is free and is typically installed at your local dealership or certified mechanic. Installation takes ~2 hours, and our Customer Care team coordinates the installation to take care of you from start to finish. More information can be found on our Install page, or for help please contact a Plugless Advisor using this form.

  • Does Plugless charge as quickly as a 3.3kW corded station?

    Yes. About 6-8 hours for a full charge for the Nissan LEAF and ~3-4 hours for the Gen 1 Chevrolet Volt.

  • How long does charging take?

    The system charges your EV as quickly as plug-in Level 2 3.3kW stations – depending on temperature, from 6-8 hours for the Nissan LEAF and about 3-4 hours for the Gen1 Chevrolet Volt.

  • Can I still use a corded charger to charge my EV?

    Yes. Plugless doesn’t change anything about your ability to plug in when you need to. Plugless is elegantly designed to work seamlessly with every vehicle we support with no impact to the car’s existing functions or systems.

  • Which EVs are compatible with Plugless?

    Plugless is currently available for the Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt.  We will continue to work with EV manufacturers to bring Plugless to new EV models as they launch. If you’d like to be notified when Plugless is available for your EV model, join our mailing list.

  • Is Plugless safe?

    Yes. Inductive power transfer technology has been in use in consumer electronics for years – it’s the same process that charges your electric toothbrush or inductive stove cooktop! No “live” electricity flows between the vehicle adapter and the parking pad. Plugless features best-in-class safety interlocks to ensure it will shut itself off if anything interferes with the system.

  • Will installing the Plugless Vehicle Adapter void my EV’s warranty?

    No. By law, the addition of aftermarket components onto your vehicle will not void the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Evatran, the maker of Plugless, warranties its product comprehensively — if the system causes any damage to the vehicle, Evatran will pay for repairs.

  • Where does Plugless draw power from?

    Just like corded L2 chargers, Plugless draws power from your home electrical system. It requires a dedicated 240V/30Amp circuit. Your electrician can wire it directly to your home electrical (“Hardwired” kit) or install a standard 30Amp outlet for direct plug-in (“Plug-in” or “Self-install” kit). The “Plug-in/Self-install” kit is easier to install and move but is only available for indoor installations using a NEMA 6-30R outlet within 1 ft of the bottom of the Control Panel. If you are installing outdoors, a “Hardwired” kit is required. More details can be found in the online electrical guide or you can contact a Plugless Advisor.

  • How easy is it to align the Vehicle Adapter and the Parking Pad?

    If you can park a car, you can align the system. It’s that easy. Most drivers achieve successful alignment on their first try. As you approach the Parking Pad, the wall-mounted Control Panel displays bright, easy-to-follow directional arrows to guide your alignment.

  • What if I already have a wired Level 2 charge station installed?

    That’s good news. Swapping out a corded system for Plugless is a very simple installation. If you’re thinking about upgrading to Plugless, contact a Plugless Advisor for more information.

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