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Co-founder, Tom Hough

In 2006, Evatran co-founder, Tom Hough, was inspired after watching the documentary, “Who Killed The Electric Car.” He wanted to help revive and accelerate EV adoption. His own company, MTC transformers specialized in updating large industrial transformers for the grid. Hough realized he already had the technology which could be used to create an inductive charging system for EVs–reducing barriers to the electric lifestyle. He spun off a small research division from MTC to focus on wireless EV charging. Our CEO, Rebecca Hough, joined her father because she shared his passion to advance and improve EV ownership. She believed so strongly in the superior charging experience being developed at MTC that she left her consulting career in New York to dedicate herself full-time to the product that would become Plugless.

CEO, Rebecca Hough

Of course, there were plenty of naysayers. Commentators wrote it off as an engineering impossibility. For a while that seemed to be the case. Major OEMs including Nissan, Audi, Hyundai, Mercedes and more have all made wireless EV charging announcements. But they never delivered anything. So why should Plugless, a startup, expect to succeed where centuries of engineering know-how had not?

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Evatran’s DNA: Wireless Energy Transfer

We come from the power transfer business, not the car business. Wireless EV charging is a power feature, not a drive feature. After all, our DNA is in industrial transformers, which use induction at the massive scale needed for our electrical grid.  

Why should Evatran, as a startup, expect to succeed where centuries of engineering know-how had not? One reason. We come from the power business, not the car business. Wireless EV charging is all about power transfer.

Charging a single car is a much narrower goal. Of course, wireless EV charging presents the challenge of figuring out how to do it efficiently over an air gap. But we were up for it. It’s well worthwhile because automated refueling brings in a new age of personal transportation. The fuel loop is finally closed. The user experience virtually becomes that of driving a perpetual motion machine. We’re driven by the vision of seamless, clean, ultra-convenient transportation that only self-charging EVs can truly deliver on a grand scale.

• • • MISSION • • •

Provide high-power wireless charging products that delight our customers through superior convenience and simplicity.

• • • VALUES • • •

  • Builders
  • Smart
  • Resilient
  • Honest
  • Innovators

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Who We Are

Our management team, experienced in startups, private growth companies, and key roles in top companies like GM, Caterpillar, Motorola, Capital One and more

Board Experience:

Two C-Suite Fortune 500 Board Members

Proven Entrepreneurs

CEO of Chinese Tier 1 OEM Supplier

Former Chrysler CEO


years collective NPD, quality & engineering experience

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This is How Far Plugless Has Come with Wireless EV Charging

Six years later, Plugless-enabled EVs have over 900,000 wireless charging hours with actual EV drivers under the belt. That’s a full century’s worth of continuous charging for individual Plugless customers as well as major trial partners including Google, Duke Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and more. In early 2016, the more powerful second generation Plugless was released, supporting the Tesla Model S and BMW i3.

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What Is the Secret Sauce at Evatran?

Plugless didn’t just succeed on technical know-how. 100% customer satisfaction is the true measure of our success. The entire company, from Sales and Customer Care to Engineering, takes pride in and works tirelessly to create a flawless customer experience. The whole point of Plugless is for EV ownership to feel seamless and effortless. As it should be.  

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A Rising Tide Will Raise All Boats

EVs with the capability to charge themselves will bolster the adoption of EVs and strengthen the industry. Plugless EVs will help accelerate future of smart mobility and the clean energy revolution, which is good for every single one of us and future generations to come.

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