Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about the Plugless L2

How does Plugless L2 Work?

Inductive power transfer uses magnetic fields to transfer energy from a transmitting coil in the Parking Pad to a receiving coil in the Vehicle Adapter, which converts this energy into electrical current to charge your EV. Once the system is installed and paired to your vehicle, you simply pull into your garage or parking space and the system automatically begins recharging your EV.

Is Plugless L2 safe?

Yes. Inductive power transfer technology has been in use in consumer electronics for years – it’s the same process that charges your electric toothbrush! No “live” electricity flows between the Vehicle Adapter and the Parking Pad. The Plugless L2 System features best-in-class safety interlocks to ensure the system will shut itself off if anything interferes with the system.

How long does charging take?

The system charges your EV as quickly as plug-in Level 2 (240V) stations – approximately 8 hours for the Nissan LEAF and approximately 3 hours for the Chevrolet Volt.

How easy is it to align the Vehicle Adapter and the Parking Pad?

Most drivers achieve successful alignment on their first try. As you approach the Parking Pad, the wall-mounted Control Panel displays bright, easy-to-follow directional arrows to guide your alignment. We like to say our system allows for a greater margin of error than most garages and parking spaces. In fact, we’ve designed the system to operate efficiently even if your EV isn’t perfectly aligned.

Can I still use the plug to charge my EV?

Yes, you can switch back and forth any time you like. The Vehicle Adapter connects to your EV’s battery without interrupting the performance of the plug.

Which EVs are compatible with Plugless L2?

Currently Plugless is only available for the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt. We will continue to work with EV manufacturers to bring Plugless to new EV models as they launch. If you’d like to be notified when Plugless is available for your EV model, join our mailing list.

Will installing the Plugless L2 Vehicle Adapter void my EV’s warranty?

No. By law, the addition of aftermarket components onto your vehicle will not void the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, Evatran warranties its product comprehensively – if the system causes any damage to the vehicle, Evatran will pay for repairs.

Who will handle installation, service and support?

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is the exclusive installation partner for the Plugless L2 System. Bosch’s long history in completing EV charging station installations ensures that each Plugless System is installed with the highest regard to user convenience, service and safety.

What if I already have a wired Level 2 charge station installed?

If you already have a Level 2 charge station installed, the Bosch installer will first verify that your electrical circuit meets specification for the Plugless L2 system. Once confirmed, the installer can either remove your existing corded charging station and replace it with the Plugless Control Panel or install a switch so you can use either the Plugless L2 or your corded system.

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